CrossFit is more than just a fitness program!
Lifelong friendships are forged every day.
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Welcome to Crossfit Hyperion. We offer the highest quality training and results in fitness, nutrition and athletic development. Whether your ultimate goals include improved health, weight loss, general fitness, or elite athleticism, we have a program that will help you succeed.

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CrossFit is more than just a fitness program, and Hyperion is more than just a physical location. Lifelong friendships are forged within our walls. We believe in having a good time and kickin butt while doin it!

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Anyone is welcome to drop in and try CrossFit for free. If you decide to sign up there is a $50 on-ramp class that you must attend on Monday and Wednesday nights before you can join the regular classes. During the on-ramp  you will receive detailed instruction on how to execute the basic CrossFit movements.

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Don’t concern yourself with whether this is for you or not. CrossFit is for everyone!

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